Alternate Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Mumbai

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) was enacted to consolidate, amend, and streamline India’s dispersed insolvency laws. As a result of the IBC, insolvency proceedings have been completely changed in India, as it provides revival opportunities to companies lurching under debt while maximizing their asset valuations. As Bankruptcy Lawyers, we ensure that our clients receive unmatched legal advice to protect their interests since this area of law has seen various reforms and amendments. Despite the fact that IBC is sometimes used to recover debts, it is not intended to serve as a mechanism for doing so. We regularly advise Corporate Debtors, Financial and Operational Creditors on various aspects of the Insolvency and Liquidation process, including filing or defending insolvency petitions, actions against or on behalf of the Resolution Professional, filing claims, initiating proceedings against guarantors and other related matters. In addition, we are able to represent our clients before appropriate judicial forums, including MSME tribunals and commercial courts when necessary.